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Simply talking about your thoughts and feelings with a supportive person can often make you feel better.

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Know Your Psychologist

Ms. Kanupriya has completed her MPhil in Clinical Psychology from Government Medical College and Hospital Chandigarh, Punjab University. Two years of rigorous training has helped her broaden the scope of study and apply theoretical knowledge to various problems encountered by individuals in day-to-day situations.

Psychotherapy For

Psychotherapy For

Anxiety Disorders

Intense, excessive and persistent fear and worry sometimes accompanied by physical symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, increased heart rate etc.


Feelings of sadness/feeling low, tiredness, loss of interest in pleasurable activities, difficulty in attention and concentration, disturbed sleep and appetite.

Sexual Dysfunction

Delayed Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Lack of sexual enjoyment, Difficulty in orgasm etc.

Panic Disorder

Severe anxiety not restricted to any particular situation and unpredictable in nature accompanied by palpitations, sweating, fear of losing control/going crazy, fear of dying etc.

Career Concerns

Career counseling, also known as career guidance, is counseling designed to help with choosing, changing, or leaving a career and is available at any stage in life.

Eating Disorders

Anorexia Nervosa (Deliberate weight loss), Bulimia Nervosa (Overeating followed by methods to avoid weight gain such as self-induced vomiting), Overeating.

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Here is how we can make this journey easier

We recognize that making changes in your physical, emotional, and spiritual health is often difficult and overwhelming and our goal is to create a nurturing, open, inviting, and serene healing space to help you navigate all of life’s challenges.

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Benefits of psychological therapy

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Our Testimonial

What They Say About Us ?
Honestly I went to her initially because of the affordable pricing structure but ended up finding a comforting mentor and a guide in these tough times. I had four sessions with Ms Kanupriya. I felt a difference after the very first session. It's important to feel mentally and physically safe when talking to a psychologist and she made sure to create that environment. I felt I was growing and healing. And not even for a single second I felt judged for my negative thought process. She is friendly and helped me leave my baggage when it got extremely heavy. Would definitely recommend her.
I can’t thank Ms.Kanupriya enough for all that she has done for my friend. My friend was suffering from serious depression and anxiety issues due to which she had developed suicidal tendencies but after taking a session or two her condition gradually improved and eventually all these issues vanished and today she is leading a normal life.Thank you so much for giving my friend a new life.
The balance between professionalism and humanity is well maintained at this place. It has felt like such a safe space all through the process. For once it felt good to be treated as if I were a normal human being💙 Thank You Curative Minds. Wishing you all the Love and Success.
It was a friendly and good experience. Was able to talk freely and thoroughly without any judgment or predicament. Even in the online mode, I was comfortable. Would highly recommend her to everyone!
I had reached out to Ms. Kanupriya through a personal referral. She was extremely professional and understanding, lent a patient ear to my ongoing situation and suggested therapy accordingly. I feel much better now. I highly recommend her.
I recommended Kanupriya to a family member with a long standing psychiatric concern. After the session, she sat with us and explained to us about the diagnosis and what we as family members can do about the same. She was extremely patient while answering our queries. My family members also felt heard and understood. She is, currently, on the road to recovery.

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